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Fyrimynd:Fb cl footer/doc

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Template:Fb cl footer (Football - classification - footer)

u  : date of the last update (optional)
s  : source
date: Month name and year - passed to the fact template if unsourced
hth : if there is head-to-head tie-break; y= yes; blank = no (optional)
p&mw : for rules for classification when: 1st points; 2nd matches won; If still tied, a playoff is organised; y = yes; blank = no
wins : for rules for classification when: 1st points; 2nd overall wins; 3rd head-to-head points; 4th head-to-head goal difference; 5th head-to-head goals scored; 6th goal difference; 7th goals scored; y = yes; blank = no
gavg : for rules of classification when: 1st points; 2nd goal average (This parameter applies mainly on older leagues such as Fußball-Bundesliga 1963–64)
belpo : for Belgian playoff rules: 1st points; 2nd points after deduction of 0.5 and so on
orfc : for any other rules for classification
season_over: To remove the stuff that is only applicable during the season if used is yes, when unused stuff still shows.
nt  : notes (optional)