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Purpose[rætta wikitekst]

To show displacement tonnage, whether expressed in terms of:

  • metric tons/tonnes
  • long tons
  • unknown flavor of tons

in a consistent manner. The "first=yes" flag can be used to add the words "of displacement" suitable to introduce the concept the first time it is used in an article.

Usage[rætta wikitekst]


Specify first=yes to create a verbose description suitable for the first occurrence on a page.

Examples[rætta wikitekst]

Input Displays as
{{Displacement|36,000|metric|first=yes}} 36.000 metric tons of displacement
{{Displacement|36,000|long|first=yes}} 36.000 long tons of displacement
{{Displacement|36,000|short|first=yes}} 36.000 of displacement
{{Displacement|36,000|tonne|first=yes}} 36.000 tonnes of displacement
{{Displacement|36,000|unknown|first=yes}} 36.000 tons of displacement
{{Displacement|36,000|metric}} 36.000 metric tons 
{{Displacement|36,000|long}} 36.000 long tons 
{{Displacement|36,000|tonne}} 36.000 tonnes 
{{Displacement|36,000|unknown}} 36.000 tons 
{{Displacement|36,000|metric|first=loaded}} 36.000 metric tons of loaded displacement
{{Displacement|36,000|long|first=standard}} 36.000 long tons of standard displacement
{{Displacement|36,000|tonne|first=normal}} 36.000 tonnes of normal displacement

Líknandi fyrimyndir[rætta wikitekst]