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This template is used to place a border around text. Note, to add a border to an image use the |border parameter in [[:File:...]] (see Wikipedia:Picture tutorial).

Syntax[rætta wikitekst]

Basic[rætta wikitekst]

Basic usage is {{border|element}}, where element is the image, text, etc around which the border is to appear. The border will be a solid light grey color (#ddd) and 1px (1 pixel) wide (default settings; see below).


All options show:

{{border |element |width=width |style=style |color=color}}
{{border |Abc|width=2px|style=dotted |color=red}}Abc

Parameters[rætta wikitekst]

(required) The element (image, text, etc) around which the border is to appear.
The width (thickness) of the border (default is 1px).
style The border's style
solid (default if the parameter is not used), dotted, dashed, double, groove, ridge, inset or outset.
The border's color (default #ddd, otherwise recommend a named color).
Inline of table-cell[rætta wikitekst]
Set |noinline=<anytext> to remove the inline display style.[útgreinan neyðug]
Some text Abc inline reading

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