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{{Allcaps}} will display lower- or mixed-case text in all capital letters.

Usage[rætta wikitekst]

{{Allcaps|your text}} will display your text in full upper case. Your source text is not altered (a copy-paste will give it in its original form), only the way it is displayed. You can use this template to control the display of the variable output of magic words and of other templates.

In: {{Allcaps|The ''Name'' of the Game}}
Out: The Name of the Game

Preferably do not subst: it because the result will NOT be an uppercase source text but the original text wrapped in HTML code making it appear uppercase, so it is more efficient for this purpose to simply rewrite the text in uppercase, or use "{{subst:uc: ...text...}}" to store uppercase text into the page.

See also[rætta wikitekst]

Templates that change the display (copy-paste will get the original text):

Magic words that rewrite the output (copy-paste will get the text as displayed):

  • {{lc:}} – lower case output of the full text
  • {{uc:}} – upper case output of the full text
  • {{lcfirst:}} – lower case output of the first character only
  • {{ucfirst:}} – upper case output of the first character only