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Usage[rætta wikitekst]

This template generates a generic single game/series box, in the same style as other tournament bracket templates. It can be used to show additional placement matches, for example.


| seed-width  = 
| team-width  = 
| score-width = 

| RD1=
| RD1-seed1=
| RD1-team1=
| RD1-score1=
| RD1-seed2=
| RD1-team2=
| RD1-score2=

Parameter definitions[rætta wikitekst]

  • seed-width – [OPTIONAL] sets the width of the seed fields (25 by default).
  • team-width – [OPTIONAL] sets the width of the team name fields (125 by default).
  • score-width – [OPTIONAL] sets the width of the score fields (25 by default).
  • RD1 – [OPTIONAL] The name of the round. Default is "Finals".
  • Each team takes three [OPTIONAL] parameters – the seed, team name, and score. The parameter names are of the form RD1-xxxxt, where:
    • xxxx is one of seed, team, or score
    • t is the position within the round, counting from top to bottom (12)

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