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Frá Wikipedia, hin frælsa alfrøðin

This template uses the decimal code for the apostrophe or single-quote character so that it does not become interpreted with adjacent italics ('') or bold (''') wiki markup. This situation most commonly arises when taking the possessive of titles that should be italicized or bolded. {{`}} is shorter than <nowiki>'</nowiki> and clearer than an unadorned &#39;.

This template is similar to {{'}} and {{'-}}, except that it does not put any leading space before or trailing space after (respectively) the apostrophe. This template ({{`}}) is intended for use with non-italic text, whereas {{'}} is intended for use with italic text. For example:

  • The ''Iliad''{{'}}s vocabulary is archaic.


  • The Iliad‍ '​s vocabulary is archaic.

with a tiny amount of space before the apostrophe to avoid colliding with the italic d at the end of Iliad. Conversely, this template should be used if the previous text is not italicized. For example:

  • ''The ''Iliad''{{`}}s vocabulary is archaic.''


  • The Iliad's vocabulary is archaic.

without the extra space, which would be distracting here. (Compare to The Iliad‍ '​s vocabulary is archaic.)