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    Welcome[rætta wikitekst]

    For the first one who come here to say welcome : have you articles about postage stamps (da:Frimærke) ? Sebjarod 22. okt 2005 kl. 15:11 (UTC)Reply[reply]

    Welcome :-) No actually, there is no article about stamps themselves at the Faroese Wikipedia. This is ofcourse a pity, since the Faroes are famous for fine stamps, a moderate issue policy, specific themes, good documentation and cultural representation, and last but not least: great artists on a high level. Unfortunately, my Faroese is too bad for writing such an article, but for sure it will come one day. But you are absolutely welcome, to "interwiki" the "Faorese stamp catalogue" and use the French texts on and (they are public domain and quite interesting) to make up a good Faroe category in the French Wikipedia with stamps illustrating them (like I do in the German Wikipedia). -- Arne List 22. okt 2005 kl. 16:59 (UTC)Reply[reply]

    Babel[rætta wikitekst]

    Hey Sabjarod, i was just wondering; should Fyrimynd:User fo-0 not be Fyrimynd:User fo that seems to be what they are using at b. regards uackor 29. okt 2005 kl. 16:27 (UTC)Reply[reply]

    The problem is that don't have all Fyrimynd:User XX-0 for people not knowing a language because they just need en-0 (for visitor who can't speak english). has some of Modèle:User XX-0 but not for foroese. Sebjarod 4. nov 2005 kl. 20:03 (UTC)Reply[reply]