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Administrator[rætta wikitekst]

Hello Quackor, you are now an administrator.

Please could you create a page about what administrators are (see the en:Wikipedia:Administrators page for example) and list yourself there. Could you then tell us where that page is by linking it from m:requests for permissions. Thanks.

I have also made you a bureaucrat so that you can turn other users into sysops. This is done using the Special:makesysop page. There are instructions on using this at m:Bureaucrat.

If you have any problems, let me know on my talk page at en, or leave a note on m:Requests for permissions. Good luck. Angela 18:51, 21 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Hej Quackor![rætta wikitekst]

Det er meget fint, at du begyndte nu med den færøske Wiki. Jeg har vented for det så lange... Desværre er mit færøsk alt andet end egnet for at skrive det (mit dansk også ikke, som du ser), men jeg kan læser den og kan hjælpe med billeder. Arne List 16:18, 24 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Tak, billeder er godt, så længe som de ikke bryder nogle copyrights, læs f.eks. de engelske wiki sider om regler for brug af billeder og billed beskrivelse siden.Quackor 21:19, 24 Jun 2004 (UTC)
Det er klart. :-) Arne List 16:42, 25 Jun 2004 (UTC)

LanguageFO.php[rætta wikitekst]

Hi Quackor (this is Node)

Unfortunately, the LanguageXX.php system of localization is outdated.

If you want to translate the user interface into Faeroese, you'll have to go to this page and click on the individual links where you can type the Faeroese versions.

Good luck!

Thanks, i have started on it now, but there is still somethings that can't be translated that are in LanguageXX.php, fx. the month names, the day names, and some weird danish text on top of Recent changes. Do you know how to translate this? The month is especialy importante, it is used in the main page. Quackor 11:50, 28 Jun 2004 (UTC)
I wasn't sure about that, so I asked somebody and they told me "special page names, month and ns names are still pulled from LanguageXX.php". So I guess you still have to use LanguageXX.php for the things that don't appear at Wikipedia:All system messages, and when you're ready to commit it ask somebody like Brion. Best wishes, Node
Hm. Let me guess: Someone has to create something like this Icelandic Script here? right? Arne List 10:47, 8 Jul 2004 (UTC)
(Wrote the Icelandic one), yeah, and if you have any questions just write them on my talk page on is in farose, danish or english. ;) Cheers. --Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 18:00, 2 Aug 2004 (UTC)
Yes, and its on the way, and you can contribute to it at LanguageFo.php, when its ready it will be put on The All Messages section is not up to date, i have been maintaining it at All system messages. It should be maintained at LanguageFo.php and then copyed over to All system messages. Quackor 15:18, 8 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Hi Quackor, I was just thinking how much fo: would benefit if you wrote/called to newspapers, radio, and television stations in the Faroes. That's how many of the larger Wikipedias got so big, because of media attention. (eu: and ga: for example) best wishes, Node

Wiktionary[rætta wikitekst]

You are also a sysop and bureaucrat at the Faroese wiktionary now. Good luck! Angela 15:14, 14 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Sorry about that, I typed the wrong thing yesterday when trying to make you a sysop/bureaucrat at Wiktionary. You should be one now. Angela 13:59, 15 Jul 2004 (UTC)

[rætta wikitekst]

Hi Quackor,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for alerting me to the problem with the logo! I think there might also be this problem in some of the other logos I created, now I will fix them!

The problem was that there was too much space between "wikipedia" and "tann frælsa alfrøðin", I have fixed that and uploaded the new version to Mynd:Fo-wiki-logo.png.

best, node

(ps, did you see my note higher up about a press release?)

Hi again Quackor, sorry about the second problem, and I'm especially sorry I took so long to respond. I asked nohat (he made the file that contains the template for the logos) about it, but he hasn't been around for a while so after a couple of days I decided I should probably just fix the dimensions and if that caused any more problems I could fix them later.
You can find the fixed version at Mynd:Fo-wiki-logo.png.
--Node ue 05:27, 24 Sep 2004 (UTC)
Hi again. I updated it for you. I also think there might be another problem, I think the whole logo is too high. I'll tell you if I find anything out... --Node ue 4. okt 2004 kl. 04:55 (UTC)

Mulder1982[rætta wikitekst]

Hey, Quackor. Dugir tú at siga mær, hvussu tú rættar fyrimyndir? PS. Eisini haldi eg, at "Tann frælsa alfrøðin" er málfrøðisligani skeivt. Rættari hevði verið at sagt "Hin frælsa alfrøðin", tá "hin" er kenniorð, men "tann" einans er eitt fornavn. Tíanverri vísir tað seg at enska "the" og danska "den/det" mestsum altíð verða umsett til "tann/tað", tí haldi eg, at vit sum ókeypis alfrøði, áttu at nýtt veruligu heitini og umsett til "hin/hitt".

Tú kanst finna eina fyrimynd við at skriva til dømis Fyrimynd:ES_lond í leiti teigin vinstrumegin. Viðvíkjandi Wikipedia logo so havi eg hugsa um tað eisini, men eg havi ikki verði vísur í tí. Eg kann siða tað víðari so verður tað broyt. Annars skilji eg ikki heilt hvat tú sigur her: ...tí haldi eg, at vit sum ókeypis alfrøði,.... Quackor 3. okt 2004 kl. 12:46 (UTC)

Hey Quackor?![rætta wikitekst]

ikki teingjist men teingist :) Kristin

So er tað rætta. Hvat vid Fylgjandi síður teingjast higar:? og hví upprættar tú ikki ein brúkara og hjálpir við at skriva/rætta?:-) Quackor 4. okt 2004 kl. 10:52 (UTC)

Logo[rætta wikitekst]

Hey Quackor,

I found another problem with the logo (and all the others I created as well!);

the entire image was two pixels too high, but the dimensions were still right so a little bit got cut off the top. I uploaded the new image to the image page for Fo-wiki-logo.png

best, Node ue 6. okt 2004 kl. 08:36 (UTC)

Ok, i has been put on Mynd:Wiki.png now. Quackor 6. okt 2004 kl. 16:12 (UTC)

de:Färingersaga[rætta wikitekst]

Yes Føroyinga Søga is the right name. Dont know what you want me to do about those articles you mention. Quackor 10. jan 2005 kl. 20:47 (UTC)