Frá Wikipedia, hin frælsa alfrøðin

    Vælkomin[rætta wikitekst]

    Hi Nicholas, I don't speak fluently Faroese too. Just learning it by doing. ;-) If you are really wild in learning it, you'd maybe have to invest 100 Euro for two books:

    • Faroese. An Overview and Reference Grammar (Höskuldur Thráinsson et al. 2004)
    • Føroysk Orðabók (1998)

    I also work with:

    • Färöisch Wort für Wort (in German, 2004, by Richard Kölbl - only 7.90 € and my favourite reference, when it has to go fast)
    • Føroysk-Donsk Orðabók (1961 by M. A. Jacobsen and Christian Matras) - and from that interface to any other dictionary "Danish-myLanguage"
    • An Introduction to Modern Faroese (1977 by W.B. Lockwood)
    • Færøsk Anthologi (1891 by V. U. Hammershaimb, last reprint 1991 in Tórshavn)

    -- Arne List 9. mai 2005 kl. 20:33 (UTC)Reply[reply]