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WikiLeaks cable: {{{1}}}

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Purpose[rætta wikitekst]

Provides a uniform method of formatting references to United States diplomatic cables initially released by WikiLeaks. This template makes it simpler to update if the initially proposed format of those references is changed.

Usage[rætta wikitekst]

This template can be used in the following ways:

  • {{WikiLeaks cable|id=01CITYNAME1234}}
  • {{WikiLeaks cable|01CITYNAME1234}}

The parameter(s) have the following meaning(s):

  • id specifies the ID of the cable in the recommended[1] format YYC*N* (without the hash symbol "#", since the hash is specific to services like Twitter) where:
    • YY are the last two digits of the year the cable was sent
    • C* is an upper case alphabetical string of the city or source of the cable
    • N* is a positive integer, with preceding zeroes removed, for additional identification.

A colon instead of a hash is output in order to conform with URI generic syntax.

Example[rætta wikitekst]

Code Result
{{WikiLeaks cable|07RIYADH651}} WikiLeaks cable: 09ASTANA677
{{WikiLeaks cable|id=09ASTANA677}} WikiLeaks cable: 09ASTANA677

Example full citation[rætta wikitekst]


<ref name="97CITYNAME1234">{{cite document| last =Ambassador| first =Joe| authorlink =| coauthors =| title =Requesting a coup d'etat| id={{WikiLeaks cable|97CITYNAME1234}} |work =| publisher =[[WikiLeaks]]| date =1997-MM-DD| url =http://wikileaks.ch/cable/1997/MM/97CITYNAME1234.html |format =| doi =| accessdate =2011-MM-DD|archiveurl= |archivedate= |deadurl=no }}</ref>


Webcitation can be used for archiveurl and archivedate entries.

The "id" parameter works with {{cite document}}, not with {{cite web}}.

References[rætta wikitekst]

  1. "Secret US Embassy Cables". WikiLeaks. 2010. Talgilda eintakið, gjørt eftir tí talgilda frumeintakinum , varð goymt í skjalasavni á netinum tann 2011-01-01. http://www.webcitation.org/5vQBB3wDW. Heintað 2011-01-01.