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Description[rætta wikitekst]


Produces a flag icon to the wikilinked national football team article.

  • nation – Use either the name of the nation or the three-letter country code as used by FIFA
  • variant (optional) – Specifies an alternate (historical) flag to use. This parameter is documented by the appropriate template in Category:Country data templates.
  • size (optional) – Can be used to change the flag icon size (use sparingly!)

Examples[rætta wikitekst]

  • {{fbicon|Argentina}}Argentina
  • {{fbicon|ENG}}Ongland
  • {{fbicon|Italy|1861}}Italia
  • {{fbicon|USA|1776}}USA

Parameters[rætta wikitekst]

Hetta er TemplateData dokumentatiónin fyri hesa fyrimynd, ið verður brúkt av VisualEditor og øðrum tólum.


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