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Fyrimynd:Ensure AA contrast ratio

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Usage[rætta wikitekst]

This template checks for compliance with WCAG G17, i.e. that a background–foreground colour combination has got a contrast ratio of more than 4.5:1. It takes two arguments, the base colour value, and the tracking category, category, to place non-compliant transclusions in. A third parameter, other, is optional; the template will by default calculate the contrast ratio against black and white, on the assumption that it is used in conjunction with {{Greater color contrast ratio}}.

Note: this is compliant with AAA for 18 point or 14 point bold text.

Contrast ratios
Rating Normal text 18 point or 14 point bold text
AA 4.5 3
AAA 7 4.5

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Examples[rætta wikitekst]

  • {{Ensure AA contrast ratio|base=navy|category=Test}}
  • {{Ensure AA contrast ratio|other=|base=navy|category=Test}}
  • {{Ensure AA contrast ratio|other=navy|base=navy|category=Test}} → Test
  • {{Ensure AA contrast ratio|base=red|category=Test}}
  • {{Ensure AA contrast ratio|base=#CC5500|category=Test}}
  • {{Ensure AA contrast ratio|base=asdf|category=Test}} → Test